#What Helped Me – Ryan

I’m Ryan and I’ve been coming to Mencap Liverpool for 7 months.

Before I came to Mencap Liverpool I smoked a lot, I was drinking, and I’d sit at home and just play on my x box. I was drinking most weekends with my mates.

When Sheldon came to visit me, I told him that I wanted to change things. I wanted to make new friends and do new things. I also wanted to get fitter and be more active and not just play on the x box all the time.

Sheldon told me about all the things that Mencap Liverpool do and we worked out my goals and how I could work towards them.

I’m so happy that I got involved with Mencap Liverpool and that they were there to help me. Since joining Mencap Liverpool  I’ve made lots of new friends.


I’ve also started going to running club, football, tennis and boxing. I’ve got loads more active, I’m fitter and healthier,  I’ve not drank for 7 months and I’ve given up the cigarettes.

I’m really proud of myself, I’m proud that I’ve made good changes and how my fitness has got better.

As well as the stuff I do with Mencap Liverpool I’ve joined the gym and I go to park run and dockside runners. I’ve completed 3 organised runs. Before coming to Mencap Liverpool I was always stuck at home now ryan medalasmy mum says that I’m never in.

Sarah has been brilliant and really motivated me to try new running groups and to keep getting better with my running.

My ultimate goal is to run in the London Marathon

I tell other people how good Mencap Liverpool is and someone else I know has now become a member.

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