#What Helped Me Laura’s Story

I’ve been coming to Mencap Liverpool for 1 or 2 years now and started doing the travel training. Before I did that I never traveled anywhere on my own, I used to always get dropped off by family if I wanted to go anywhere. I have a lot more independence now.
I’ve now built up confidence and speak to more people now. Sometimes I’m still shy.
At the moment I’m on the CCG health reference group with Mencap Liverpool and People First – this group looks at how to help the doctors and other health people work better with people who have learning disabilities. I was the chair for this one time too and next week I am the Secretary so will write up all of the notes.
I also go to Womens Group and have done the 5k run. I have also gone to the boxing class with Sheldon on a Friday.
I would say to anyone with a Learning Disability to come to Mencap Liverpool to help get your confidence up, if you’re shy you will meet new people and it will get you out in the week.

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