# What helped me – Adam

I started getting into the boxing  in 2016  when  members of Mencap Liverpool were invited to take part in the boxing with Courtney Frye whose is a retired professional boxer which started and has been going every Friday. He showed us how to use the gloves and pads, I started doing it in Kung Fu gym, we then moved to another building in Kensington where we had a bit more room and were able to do different boxing exercises where we worked in pairs I mainly worked with Sheldon  or Courtney.

Courtney showed us a lot of what boxing is all about and different moves boxers do, Courtney also asks us to do different exercises such as stretching, bunny hops, skipping and devils chin.

you can watching us boxing here 

In 2017  we all moved to the Belve which I think is better because its a proper boxing Gym where it has proper boxing equipment  including punch bags which I love doing.

Boxing has really helped me with my coordination, gain my confidence helped me get fit, learning about defense and helping me meet new people and helping me be a part of a team.  I would recommend to anybody who wants to get exercise.

I hope that other people will come as it will help the boxing stay open  and I would really to be able to do boxing in the future and it will help me with my confidence and  help me build up the courage to defend myself.

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