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Currently, Politicians known as Lords are discussing ‘The Welfare Reform Bill’ in The House of Lords.

This is about the access disabled adults and children have to their benefits and money.

Everything being discussed helps disabled people perform daily tasks and live independently. These possible changes being discussed by Lords are all part of something called ‘The Welfare Reform Bill.’

Some Lords will vote for a change to the current support disabled people (including people with a learning disability) use and receive. This could threaten the amount of money you as a have to live on, and any help you may need to live independently.

Only MP’s and Lords can vote and make these changes become Law.  Disabled people are not involved at this stage in The House of Lords, although there are some disabled Peers or Lords who will be voting.

It is very important that you understand that any changes could affect you and that you have your say and join other disabled people in trying to persuade and put pressure on Lords that this Welfare Reform Bill should not become Law.

3 Teams of Lords sit in the House of Lords:



Liberal Democrat

Labour are the minority, and are in opposition – so although they will vote against these changes, they do not have enough Lords to defeat the bill in the vote to give a ‘No’ result (which means the changes wouldn’t become Law.)

The Conservatives are the majority of the Government, who created these plans so they will almost certainly support all parts of the Bill.

The Liberal Democrats are the most important team of politicians and Members in The House of Lords. They are a small part of the Government and therefore have Lords in important positions and who are keen to listen to make sure the Government does the right thing.

The people we need to convince are Lords who belong to Liberal Democrats.  They need to be told your thoughts on this Bill and the proposed changes spoken about in Parliament. Doing this could defeat the Welfare Reform Bill.

We need to demonstrate through our personal experience or stories how it might adversely affect yours and other people’s lives.

You can oppose these changes by participating in our campaign against cuts affecting people with learning disability by writing your own letter to a member of the House of Lords, some of whom email addresses are provided below – or if this is difficult for you there is a template letter I have written for Mencap Liverpool & its members to send to Peers to get our needs and concerns heard so that they can make an informed decision.

Please see our campaigns page for the template letter and a list of important email addresses you can send it to


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