sounds of breakfast

Sounds of a fry up


1st Workshop at the Florrie on the 19th of November 2012

Working with adults with learning disabilities from day centres in Liverpool

Run by Ticky Lowe and Ross Dalziel

For this workshop we decided to concentrate purely on smell and sound.

The first hour was spent smelling mainly domestic and food smells from unidentified pots and also a range of objects like soaps and beeswax.

The second hour was spent listening to domestic sounds and sounds from the city.

Teresa is deaf so Ross made a slideshow of images to go with the sounds which seemed to work really well as she was as interested in the images as everyone else was in listening.

The staff wanted to guess what all of the smells and sounds were and it provoked alot of conversation and memories of growing up.

I wanted to find out if smell on its own was as powerful for memory as smell associated with an object and decided that smell associated with an object was better as people could nt identify what the smell was with out seeing or feeling the object and being able to handle the object too was an extra sensory experience that most of the group enjoyed.


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