Sarah’s food fast

Could you live on £1 a day?  Well that’s the challenge Chief Exec and biscuit fan Sarah Jones has  set herself for lent this year….

For 40 days between 5th March and 19th April, I will be attempting to feed herself with a food shopping budget of just £7/week or less

I’m doing this to raise awareness of food poverty amongst people with a learning disability and to raise money for Mencap Liverpool.   Some people in Liverpool are at risk of food poisoning or malnutrition because they don’t have the support or money they need to buy and prepare healthy meals.  I get really upset when I hear about people with a learning disability having to rely on foodbanks because their benefits have been (wrongly) stopped or reduced to a level that they just can’t live on.

Mencap Liverpool provides outreach support to help local people with a learning disability who are facing problems like this.  I know my fast won’t solve all the problems, but it’s something I can do to make a little difference.  The money I would’ve spent on food as well as the sponsorship I raise,  is going to help fund our outreach work so we can continue helping people who need it most.

If you’d like to support me and follow my progress, check out my sponsorship page:

and let me know your budget recipe ideas via twitter @mencapliverpool or Facebook!





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