Sandra Bates for MMV Chair

Vote for Me – Sandra Bates!

Hello, I am Sandra and I have been a member of Mencap Liverpool and Sefton for the past 2 years.

I have really enjoyed getting to know people in lockdown on Zoom and going to meetings with everyone.  I have got a full week of meetings to go to and things I enjoy.  On Mondays I go to Directions and we do different things like have guests come along and speak to us about Parliament – I was Prime Minister in one of the role plays and it was a good laugh – everyone said I could definitely do a better job than Boris!

On Tuesdays I go to Women’s Group and catch up with my friends Emma, Soph and Anna Rose and I really enjoy Women’s Group.  After Women’s Group we have the Dental Champions and I’m now a Dental Champion and I’ll be working with Mersey Care to deliver training about teeth to other people and I’m really proud of myself.

On Wednesdays I enjoy Charlottes quiz and have just started the Buddy project which was brilliant, and the busiest day of the week is Thursday.

On Thursday’s I’m on the Mencap Members Voice. After Mencap Members Voice I go to Drop In and then in the afternoon I go to the Directions Meeting and we’ve been working on what to do for the AGM.  I’m going to be talking about the tablets – I’m really proud of myself as I’ve never used a tablet before and now I can call my friends on it when they are down and cheer them up, I can get on my Zoom meetings, I can send emails, I listen to music – I’ve learned so much.

Sometimes on Thursday Evening I pop on to the Thursday Sefton Club as it’s nice to meet new people and I don’t know any of the Sefton Members yet, so it is nice to meet people.

I also go the Marcus’s singing on a Friday.

I think I’d be a good Chairperson because I’ve got good skills

I’m good at:

  • Listening
  • Speaking up
  • Being on time
  • Keeping things confidential
  • Keeping order
  • I’m confident
  • I’m a good friend and help people
  • I’m kind


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