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On 21st July 2016 me and Sarah went to Leicester for the Nhs event. We went from lime street to Birmingham new street and then got another train to Leicester after we got off the train we then took a walk to the curve theatre which took us around about 10 minutes.

When we got there me and Sarah were asked to sign in and then were served tea and croissants. We were then introduced to members of the nhs team. I was introduced to some people who do the CTRs and had a nice chat.

Me and Sarah were then asked to go the room the event was taking place, we did a warm up were we asked to go to different areas of the room and asked to talk to people and asked us what we had in common,we all said we liked walking.

A spokesperson then gave us a case study on a person who had been in a secure unit but who is getting on with his life.

Another spokesperson talked about a family member who was in a non secure unit it was interesting but very emotional.

We started our first workshop which was about a person with a learning disability being in trouble with the law. At 13:00 to 13:45 we stopped for lunch I was a bit disappointed with the fact that there was a selection buts it a good thing that me and Sarah bought our own food.

Our next workshop was about mainstream about to improve services in hospitals, we came up with different Scenarios how to improve these services.

After the workshop we were then treated to a countdown quiz just like I did at the people first sports event after that we then asked to go back to the groups we had a discussion on what we got out of the event.

When the event ended me and Sarah headed for the train back to Liverpool.  It was a long day and we were glad to be getting home.

I found the event very interesting especially the CTRs as I’m going to be taken them in the future. I didn’t like the fact that it was a long journey and the fact we never got a say in it. In the future I would like to come to more events to get more experience

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