Member Blog: My Volunterring at Barnardo’s

I am now going to write  about what I do at Barnardo’s and I basically get the bus home on a Wednesday  and then on a Friday I do the full journey coming home. And also I volunteer at Barnardos on a Wednesday and Friday afternoons between 1.20 till 3.30. I actually have my own routine where I am either  in the back of the shop or I get told from either Sharon or Rachael to go and tidy the shop floor and to keep an eye on what is going in the shop basically my routine when I arrive  is to take all the rubbish outside meaning the entry. And then after that I then I give the entry a thorough tidy up meaning I brush all the Rubbish and then in the entry there 2 purple large bins which I have to  put so many black bags in purple bins and then the rest of the Rubbish and I put it all into a straight line so when the man comes to empty the entry he knows exactly what to take with him. And then every so often I get told to take the banking which is  I have to check it with Sharon or Rachael and then take it next door to the bank so that they can sort it all out and then they stamp so many books and then I take it back to the shop and give it  to Sharon or Rachael.

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