Liverpool in a suitcase 25/02/13

Ross has turned an old suitcase into a soundscape machine using an arduino, speakers and sound clips.

Ross can explain better than me.

We wanted members of a group using the resource to be able to choose a theme Рfootball, home, holidays, music Рand listen to sounds whilst exploring objects and smell to go with the sounds Р housed in another suitcase.

All you have to do is turn the dial to the matching symbol.

This workshop was an opportunity for us to see how the groups react to it and how we need to change it – we were testing symbols and images here to see what worked best.

Every one enjoyed testing it for us and we got some useful advice about symbols and other things like adding food smells to the suitcase.

And more sounds to add included hoovering, bird song, washing dishes, water running, more of a play list for music


sound suitcase

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