Kevin tests a Touch Pod!

Kevin tests out a touch podWatch Kevin test out an Access to Heritage “Touch Pod”

Kevin couldn’t hear the sound coming out of the base pod but he could feel it. Using the Touch Pod, Kevin was able to understand where the sound was coming from and he started to play a beat on the crater pod – June followed his beat on his shoulder.

Touch Pods are the product of a project which was originally about helping people to undertand and interpret wildflower seeds.  Through the workshops, which involved people with a learning disbility, it became clear that the focus should be on how we interpret the world through touch and the project became ‘Touch Pods’ was managed by the Access to Heritage project in partnership with The National Wildflower Centre. Currently nominated for a prestigious Jodi Award, “Get Closer to Wildflower Seeds” has a strong focus on research and experimentation with texture and sound. The touch pods make the microscopic world of wildflower seeds accessible to people with a learning disability. To discover the fascinating world of our touch pods visit!/

Led by Artist and Project Manager Ticky Lowe, “Access to Heritage” involves a group of people from Liverpool with learning disabilities who work to help Heritage venues improve the “visitor experience” for the benefit of all. The group have been involved in a number of exciting projects with the Museum of Liverpool – want to know more? Visit

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