Jess has amazing time at spooky Speke Hall

We all met in town and walked to the bus stop. We went on the 82 bus and I sat next to Lois. Lewis was behind me. We had great fun on the bus. I showed the bus man my bus pass and he scanned it. We had our pictures taken and we hid Lois’ bag! It took about 40 minutes to get there.

When we arrived we met up with Sarah and Karen. We had lunch. We bought ham and coleslaw sandwiches, apple juice and shortbread which I love.

When we finished lunch we walked to Speke Hall. and we made the dough that could carry electricity we hold loaf of bread that made the bell noise we tipped it Karen and I thought it was funny! Someone was taking pictures of us making cakes out of dough!

We filled in a form and put it in a box and they gave us a shortbread shaped like Speke Hall, it was delicious!

We went upstairs and looked at some bedrooms that had really old furniture and Sarah said she wanted to keep the wardrobe! The lady also told us a story about the ghost of Speke Hall.

Speke_Hall,_LiverpoolMy favourite part was seeing the secret hole where priests would hide and thet would never be found.

I found the whole day amazing.


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