Introducing…our Peer Mentoring Project

Leaving school and moving into adult life can be an exciting and challenging time for young people – but if you have a learning disability this transition period can be hard, especially when there are lots of changes and choices to be made about the future and lots of potential barriers in the way.

Wouldn’t it be great if young people with a learning disability could get advice and support from other young people who understand what they’re going through? Well we’re making this a possibility!

Through our exciting new project funded by the Vulnerable & Disengaged Young People’s Fund, Mencap Liverpool will be enabling forty young people to develop the grit and resilience they need to overcome the many barriers they’ll have to face.

We’ll do this by empowering six of our existing young members (who all have a learning disability) to pass on the lessons they’ve learnt through delivering workshops and mentoring their peers.

In order to get started on our project we need to recruit a Project Coordinator  (please head to our Jobs page if you’d like to find out more)

If you work with young people with a learning disability and think they would benefit from workshops and mentored support from another young person with a learning disability, please get in touch and we will keep your details ready for when the project goes live.


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