Healthy Living Workshops: Recap from Lydia

Hi guys!

Just to say a great big healthy hello, to all the happy healthy members that attended the first health workshop.  I must say you guys were Awesome.

Just to refresh on what we covered in the workshop on Wednesday.

We talked about what it means to be HEALTHY and UNHEALTHY for you and for us as a group.

I was very pleased that you guys come up with lots of fantastic ideas and knew lots about health, especially that being healthy makes you feel good in your minds, gives confidence, gives lots of energy and by exercising we can make lots of great friends.

You guys talked about lots of ways to be ACTIVE, without it costing any money which was brilliant, I was tired just listening to all you guys and all the activities that you take part in!

You guys come up with a great activity that I will try ZUMBA.  Don’t laugh at me when I tell you how I get on.

Also I like the idea of using the WII Fit in our sessions – I have asked James could we have a WII Fit for some of our sessions. How does that sound?

We talked about  HEALTHY FOODS, and I was pleased that all you guys had lots of ideas and filled up your magic white boards. We talked about how HEALTHY FOODS can give you lots of energy, build strong muscles and bones and that carrots  help us see in the dark. I had some on Wednesday night for my dinner and they really do help you see in the dark – thanks for the tip!

Members who are doing the Santa dash !!!

Some Santa Friendly Tips !!

1.    Move around as many times during the day as possible ( Walking )

2.    Be ACTIVE with a family member or friend

3.    Drink more water and cut out fizzy drinks and caffeine ( Coffee, tea, energy drinks )

4.    Make sure you are getting enough sleep ( 8 hrs. )

5.    Eat the healthy foods we talked about in our workshop

Good luck with the training guys!!!

I will see you Wednesday , were we will come up with exercises we can do in our house. Can’t wait to hear all your ideas.


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  1. Weight says:

    To lead a healthy and beautiful living you must has to be take care of what is the best way to be healthy and how one could live a healthy and enjoyable life. Everyone must has to be eat healthy and full of proteins and hourly exercises are must.

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