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Only 16% of people with a learning disability voted in the last general election compared to 61% of the general population.

Mencap Liverpool strongly believe that people with learning disabilities should have choice and control over their lives.  The chance to choose who can make decisions on your behalf and shape the world you live in is really important.  That’s why we ran an information meeting about voting.

We want everyone to know

1. That you can vote

You can help choose who runs the country and you can also choose who you want to make decisions about what happens in Liverpool.


2. Why you should vote

Voting is not just a right, but it’s a civic duty.  Valuing People Now states that people with a learning disability should have not just the same rights and opportunities as anyone else, but that they should also have the same responsibilities as a citizen.


 3. How they go about voting

If you missed our meeting there’s more infomation about how to vote and why you should vote on the About My Vote website

 Mencap Liverpool_Get my Vote Info Meeting

We invited some Local Councillors along to speak to the voters at our meeting.  We asked them what they would do to make Liverpool better if we voted for them.  We also asked them why it was important for people with learning disabilities to vote. 

Thanks to Cllrs Joe Anderson, Warren Bradley and Steve Radford for coming along.

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