Campaigns Update

Mencap Liverpool has recruited new volunteer, Thomas Butler, who is going to take the lead on helping out with campaigns.

Thomas, 22, writes:

I’ve been passionate about people with disabilities, and society providing them with the rights to equal opportunity, inclusion, fair treatment and choice for as long as I can remember. However, it was not until my late teenage years, when I decided to live independently, that I found out for myself how difficult it was to live with my own learning disability – Aspergers Syndrome & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I realised that the values and principles I was passionate about weren’t easily applied and considered in everyday living. Quite the opposite.

The most basic entitlements for disabled people, such as the right to good quality social care, paths to employment, education support and provision (such as extra time in exams and removal of all prejudice in job interviews), unfortunately require much arrangement and arbitration in the short term and attitude change in the long term, to make sure the very basics are attained.

It is the job of disability charities, such Mencap Liverpool, to raise awareness and campaign, so society applies less procedure and more compassion, common sense and decency, and the lives of disabled people can be stable, fulfilling and pleasant. In my role as a Lead Campaigns Volunteer at Mencap Liverpool, it is my job to expose these problems and injustices, ensure answers are given and that change is made to guarantee the lives of disabled people are safe and prosperous for the future.

Look out for more of Thomas’ blogs in the future – and be sure to keep an eye on our campaigns page for more information as well!

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