Cameras and Action at the new Museum

Museum of Liverpool

Mencap Liverpool’s Access to Heritage Proejct are involved in an exciting new research project involving The University of Reading and The Rix Centre.  The project is investigating how interactive objects can aid our understanding.  This will involve people who have a learning disability designing and using interactive objects.  Our members Derek and Paul S, talk about their experiences of the first workshop which explored which cameras might work best in capturing and communicating our ideas.  Our favourites were the cameras which made sounds and produced a real picture.


Derek said

“I met Sarah and Paul at the office. We went down to the new Liverpool museum in a taxi. we went in the lift to the meeting. I made sure me and Sarah and Paul signed in. they showed us some hand fans for when you get hot. They showed us different cameras and I told them what I liked, I took some photos of my own. a lot was brought up. They said they would see us next time.  The next meeting is on 25th June. that date is close to my birthday party.”

Paul said
“I went to the Museum to talk about objects and feeling things and cameras.
We were talking part in a research project by the The University of Reading. They are doing a study to look at how people a learning disability can use and design interactive sensory objects.
At the first workshop the researchers wanted to find out what cameras and videos would help us to communicate our ideas. I had a go with a bendy board that was connected to a computer. when I bent the board it made a smile appear on the face.
Our favourite camera was the Polaroid. Everybody liked that it printed the paper and seeing the picture come to life.”

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