Brian’s Blog: Brouhaha Carnival 2012

On Saturday 14th July 2012 I spent an enjoyable few hours watching the annual Brouhaha carnival in Liverpool. I arrived about an hour before it started, so that I could take photographs of the costumes and see the people getting ready. About 20 minutes before the carnival started the Batala drummers started playing. They are always very popular and drew a large crowd to watch them.

The parade started at 12.00 from outside the arts college in Myrtle Street. It progressed firstly down Catharine Street, accompanied by people dressed in colourful costumes, dancers and other performers who amazed the crowds. The carnival then headed slowly towards Princes Park. As it travelled people stood by the roadside to take photographs, or just to marvel at the impressive sight that awaited them.

One of the highlights of the carnival was a large ark which took several people to move, which was followed by dancers portraying different animals. I enjoyed watching them for 5-10 minutes before the carnival entered Princes Park.

Princes Park was filled with people eager to continue enjoying the carnival and the other entertainment on offer. There were stages on which different musical acts appeared. I took some good photographs and have some good memories of the day. I look forward to going to the carnival again next year.

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