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This week I started my Round the World Challenge with Mencap Liverpool. I went to the Social Group at Greenbank Sports Academy, where we joined in activities set up by Active Me.
We started with a warm up and then in teams we played Smash Up Badminton. Smash up Badminton is where you use big shuttle cocks and throw darts and nets to practice throwing and hitting. We had a game over the badminton nets to see who get most of the shuttle cocks over onto the other team’s side in three minutes. It was good fun and it got us all moving around. We had team names – I was in the Frosties with Gary.
Next we did a new Dance class called Nia. This involved moving around in different ways and doing moves from Tai Chi, Yoga and Aborigine Dance.

The last activity was seated Volleyball. We practised hitting the ball to each other and we played a game with six against six. Seated Volleyball was fun and we had a good laugh.
During the day I did three hours of exercise which means I have completed the first part of my RTWC UK route – I’ve now moved from London to Cardiff on the map. I now need to do another 4 hours of exercise so that I move from Cardiff to Dublin. I will probably do some walking and go the gym by myself. I am looking forward to trying some more new activities and exercise with Mencap Liverpool and I will let you know how I get on.

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