Adams Round the World Challenge Blog 2

Week 1

On Friday I started my first Bike training, I was nervous and excited as I never rode a Bike before.
I was first introduced to the instructor and the other members of the staff, I was then given a safety helmet and then was given my training bike.
The instructor demonstrated about safety procedures this included how to stop the bike, turn it and where to pump the tires. I then got on the bike and we took a stroll around the park instead of using the pedals I used my legs. I found it quite exciting then I anticipated as this was my first time I ever rode a bike. After I had took a stroll around the park I came back where Sheldon a member of staff from Mencap came and took photos and videos of my experience. I liked the feeling of freedom and achievement that I had made as this was my first time. I didn’t like the fact that sometimes I felt that was going to fall off the bike and the bumpy cracks on the pavement didn’t help.

After one the instructor taught me how to ride the Tricycle, I was then shown safety procedures this included gears and how to stop it. The Tricycle was a lot easier to master then the bike as it was steadier and I was more confident to ride it. I then rode it around the park I liked that it was exciting and Freeling and there was nothing I found difficult about using it . It was a pleasant day and overall it was one of the best experience of my life .

I look forward to returning next Friday where I continue training and further my skills

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