Adam’s Round the World Challenge Blog 9

On Friday the 10th June 2016 I started to go to boxing with staff and members of Mencap including Ginny and Sheldon and members of People First. For an hour (10:00 to 11:00) as part of the MPAC organisation. We are getting trained up by a professional boxer named Courtney Frye. We first started doing some warm ups before we got started.

We then asked to split into twos with one person using the boxing gloves and the other holding the pads. Me and Ginny were partners which I started off with the gloves. We asked to do a number of different boxing techniques and then asked to switch places.

Everyone was asked to lie on the floor and sit up and hit the pads 10 times.

To end it we did a warm up were we then had a group photo and shacked hands with each other then went up to the 4th floor where there was tea and cakes waiting for us.

I loved doing the boxing training, its helped me get fit and helped me try a new exercise technique and I would like to do more in the future.

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