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Hello my name is Adam. I want to stand for chair of the Mencap Members Voice because I have been coming to Mencap Liverpool and Sefton for 8 years and I very committed and involved in lots of different projects. I’ve been the Chair of the Mencap Liverpool steering group for 1 year, so I have lots of experience.  I was in the human rights videos and like to give people with a learning disability a voice. I do the learning disability training talking to medical students about how to treat people with a learning disability in the right way. I am also going to be training new staff and other members to learn about learning disability. I am also a peer mentor and I like to help others. I am ambassador for Mencap Liverpool, and Sefton and he also been part of the steering group for national Mencap in London. I am respected by all staff and members and won Member’s member of the year award in 2018.

I will make a good chair because I’m good at speaking up, being part of a team.  I am reliant, friendly, flexible. I am good at learning new things, committed and like to help others feel included. I have a lot of experience and can lead a team on zoom and face to face. Please vote for me because I want to help other people in the future.


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