A2H Workshop by Brian Stewart

On Tuesday 21st August 2012 I attended a workshop organised to design a website around the subject of Access To Heritage. The workshop was attended by people who had been involved directly in Access To Heritage projects in the past, and their input was very useful and interesting to hear.
The first part of the workshop involved looking at an existing website, to gather ideas on how to design our website. Each member of the group came up with one word to describe how they were feeling about the workshop that day, and each word was recorded onto a computer.
The next part of the workshop involved working in small groups in order to think about ideas for the rest of the website. This involved things such as taking photographs of each member of the group, and uploading them to the computer. The website also included short articles about each person that were interesting to read.

The website will continue to develop as each member submits ideas for it. This can include things such as submitting a short video of each person talking, or being interviewed. I found the workshop very useful and I was surprised at how easy it was to set the web page up, and add items to it.
I look forward to attending more workshop sessions in the future and seeing the progress of the website.

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