A guide to voting for the first elected Mayor of Liverpool

This week is very important.

This is because, for the first time ever, Liverpool is one of 12 major cities in the UK choosing a new Mayor in the city for the next  four years.

The Localism Bill is the reason the Government has allowed 12 cities to have elected mayors. More information on this Bill is available on the Department for Communities and Local Government website.

Electing a Mayor means the UK Government will donate £75million to Liverpool City Council and set up zones for businesses to be working in so that there are more places for local people to work in or get a business going. You can get further information here.

Anyone can stand for Mayor as long as they satisfy the rules and pay a £50 fee to the Electoral Authorities.  More information can be found about this on the Liverpool City Council website.

Candidates have been busy campaigning – sometimes putting on rallies in local pubs – or debating issues on local radio with other candidates.

So Liverpool gets certain benefits and incentives for deciding to have a Mayor and for choosing one. But who is trying to become the new Mayor, and what will a Mayor be doing for Liverpool?

The Mayor – in the knowledge that the electorate (the people who voted in the election) have voted for him/her – will be able to  manage the City Council and its Councillors in the way the Mayor sees best.

The Mayor should be the vocal ambassador –  a visible person arguing for better things and promoting a better image for the city.

A Mayor will also have the final say on what money from the local council goes where.

The Mayor must also appoint a team – or cabinet – to concentrate on important areas like jobs, the environment or council spending.

The City Council have explained more clearly exactly what responsibilities a Mayor will be taking on and their role on their website

If it sounds like a difficult job it’s because maybe it is! Thats why people should make their choice about which candidate they vote for to be mayor very carefully.

The full list of candidates are printed on the BBC Website

The front runners and favourites to win include:

Joe Anderson – Labour Party Candidate. Current Leader of Liverpool City Council. More information on Joe Anderson’s campaign and promises if elected can be found at www.joeforliverpool.com

John Coyne – Green Party candidate. Wants the city to be more environmentally friendly and create more jobs with this aim. More info on John Coyne’s campaign and pledges can be found in this video http://john4liverpool.com/video/

Tony Caldeira – Conservative Party candidate – the party of the current Government.  Tony Caldeira would like more businesses to be working in the city. To find out if Tony Caldeira gets your vote see his website www.tony4liverpool.com/tony%E2%80%99s-vision

Richard Kemp – Liberal Democrat Candidate. The Lib Dem’s are the second largest party on the city council.  His election campaign and information can be found on his website www.liverlibdems.org.uk/kemp4mayor/

Tony Mulhearn – Trade Union & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate. TUSC are fighting all and any cuts the city council would have to make. For more information on Tony Mulhearn as a Mayoral Candidate see this website www.tusc.org.uk/press260312.php

Liam Fogarty – candidate  not standing for any political party. Liam Fogarty was the origjnal campaigner calling for many years for Liverpool to have an elected Mayor.  His website can be found here www.liamforliverpool.com/about-liam/

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