2011 Liverpool Marathon Effort #6

Hello everyone, I’m thinking of renaming these blog entries ‘Sarah’s injury update’, as that’s what I mainly seem to talk about.  However, this week I wanted to focus more on the amazing help and support I’ve received- getting me to complete the 26.2 miles will certainly be a team effort: 

It seems there are a good few people reading the blog so thanks to all you well-wishers and sponsors first of all!  Knowing that there are so many of you wanting me and the other guys to do well is such great motivation.  It would be fantastic to see you on the sidelines, so do get in touch if you’d like to come along to support us.

Secondly, a huge thanks to Charlie who has been treating my aches & sprains, shouting at me to do my strengthening exercises and designing my injury-adjusted training plan.  I currently have her portable treatment table in my front room so I can get regular treatments.  Charlie will also be there at the end of the marathon to give the team a post-race massage so hopefully we’ll be able to walk the following day!

Thirdly to my friends and family- I went down to London at the weekend to see  my school friends.  Mel ran the New York marathon last year with a badly injured knee, she also fell over 2 miles in and sprained her ankle but still managed to complete her first ever marathon and  in a very respectable time of 5hrs 21mins!  So Mel’s provided me with inspiration, advice, a knee support and a running belt.  Mel also mapped out a training route for me around Greenwich Park – I had to run around the ‘Run to the Beat’ half marathon, but that only added to the experience.  It was a lovely run in warm sunshine and beautiful surroundings- I’m hoping it’s just as sunny but not quite as warm in 2 weeks time.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to sponsor us – visit the fundraising page here.  With gift aid, we’ve already raised over £1000

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