2011 Liverpool Marathon Effort #5

Well there’s now less than 4 weeks to go and I think I’ve gone past the point of being scared!  I’m starting to run again- I managed a whole 2k around the park tonight!  My knee seems to be holding up, but I’m on strict instructions to build up slowly.  I have an exercise plan scribbled on the back of an envelope and a new determination to suceed.  It’s definitely helping to get some nice messages from friends on our fundraising page. I’ve also had a few great emails which I’m planning to print out and take round with me so I can read them when it’s getting really tough.

Remember you can come and watch on the day, it promises to be a really great atmosphere- If you’re supporting someone in particular, we can let you know when to expect them at the point you’re watching.  And remember you can come to the Hilton afterwards for a cup of tea!

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