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Citysafe haven logoMencap Liverpool is working hard to tackle hate crime against people with a learning disability, and create safer communities, through its ‘Safe Havens’ project.

Delivered in partnership with CitySafe Havens, the project involves training local shops and businesses – in areas with the highest rates of anti-social behaviour and disability hate crime – to provide a temporary place of safety to those who feel vulnerable. It also empowers people with a learning disability in Liverpool to feel more confident when they are out and about in their community.

Mencap Liverpool members Paul Staples and Jamie Meyrick have put together an easy-to-use ‘how to’ guide to help Safe Haven staff understand how to support someone with a learning disability. And they have brought this information to life by delivering training at Safe Haven venues across Liverpool.

An important part of the training focuses on the use of language and how offensive words like ‘retard’ are to people with a learning disability. This complements National Mencap’s ‘R-word’ campaign which aims to stamp out words that are insulting to people with a learning disability in the media.

As the project progresses our Outreach Co- ordinator, Sheldon Griffiths, will meet with people with a learning disability to tell them about the Safe Haven scheme and how it can help them. Sheldon will also help people to understand what a hate crime is and how they can be supported should they need to report any form of hate crime.

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